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istock_logoiStock is the original resource of cheap stock photos. Powered by Getty Images, it provides a wide range of royalty-free images, media and design elements, and handpicked videos, illustrations and audio clips.  The stock photo agency started in 2000 as the first micropayment photo website, allowing creatives around the world to create beautiful communication for a great price. Check out these user reviews about one of the world’s most successful and profitable user-generated content websites.

Joan Caroll, 18, Student As a student, I don’t need pictures regularly for my school projects. iStock has a pay-per-download promo that lets me avail one photo at a time. Sure, there are many cheaper photo agencies for single downloads, but iStock gives me a wider range of choices. Most of the photos I want can only be found in its library.

Manuel Fernandez, 28, Entrepreneur I have an online business and my website just looks dull without pictures. My designer requires photos to make my site look more appealing. Since my friend is also using iStock for his website, I tried it. It did not disappoint me and my designer. Now, my website gets a lot of visitors. My sales have also gone up.

Anna Leigh, 23, Fashion Blogger Photos are the main elements of my blog. My readers visit my website to get ideas on how to dress up and down clothing items. Aside from the words to describe the outfits I created, they come back for the photos. They look for inspiration to help them find the perfect outfit for a casual day, romantic evening or sporty afternoon. iStock gives me a wide variety of choices to express my fashion sense. It lets me explore millions of photos for ridiculously great prices, while some sites have limited selection.

Rachel Reynolds, 27, Stylist My livelihood depends on cheap stock photos. As a stylist, I need to be updated on what’s in and what’s not every year. With iStock, I can perk up my portfolio by choosing what works with what in terms of clothing and accessories. I love that the website has incredible stocks of images and illustrations at flexible prices. I even enjoy freebies every week.

Jenny Peña, 32, Veterinarian I love animals. They are my source of joy and income. As a veterinarian, I want to also share my knowledge on how to take care of our pets. In my Facebook account, I share tips on how to take care of them. I use iStock to make my posts more interesting and to capture the attention of my followers. I love that the website has a premium collection of photos, available in different sizes. It also has flexible prices to suit my budget.

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